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Cessna Grand Caravan 208B

Average year of make: 2004
Max range (NM): 1042
Seating Configuration: 8–12
Cruising Speed (KTS): 154
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 1075

The Cessna Caravan C208 and Grand Caravan are considered some of the most economical single engine aircraft for charter and for sale. They are turbo prop planes so they are reliable and faster than most pistons, and can be chartered for an average rate of $1,075 per hour including fuel. The Cessna C208B is best for shorter flights and are often used for hops between islands such as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. The Grand Caravan has a terrific baggage compartment specs and offers great performance for a single engine aircraft. Since this aircraft is so reliable and inexpensive to charter, there are some operators who have upgraded their aircraft to seaplanes and have floats to land on the water or on a runway.